Great Drill Driver

Best thing since sliced bread? When it comes to tools this getup might well be.

I mean, cordless tools in general are one of those things that make you appreciate living in the twenty-first century. Just being able to grab a reciprocating saw, or a circular saw, or a router, or any other tool and getting on with it is a small miracle.

No cords to grab, unroll and drag hither and yon. No worries about popping breakers, or of needing a tool too far from an outlet to get to with the cords you have on had. Or have you ever tried to run a circle saw a couple of hundred feet from your power source? I admit that listening to the motor tool up is a bit amusing and makes for a good story, but still.

Enter the combination drill and impact driver set. This is a perfect example of what batteries can do for the use of tools around the home or in the workplace. Perhaps it’s just a matter of the drill being the ideal candidate for battery power, or perhaps it’s that it is the one we are the most used to them because they have been around for a while. But no matter what the reason, battery powered drills are a gift.

That is not the best thing about a drill driver kit though. The best thing is the impact driver. Those Cedar Decklittle impact tools are a revelation. One that makes you wonder why a tool like that hasn’t been invented before now. Is it that the technology hasn’t existed? I am sure that it was perfectly feasible to create a tool like this with a cord. They are smaller than the drill, so the motor must be less than the drill, and drills have been around forever.

Anyway, woolgathering aside – the impact driver. Those things are amazing. After you have gotten used to the heft of a cordless drill (especially if you are used to a ni-cad drill and switch to lithium), the cordless impact driver weighs next to nothing. You can sling one of these babies around driving screws all day without suffering from fatigue. You might have thought that was the case in the days when you were using one of the older ni-cad drills to drive screws, but if you haven’t had the opportunity to use one of these small impacts, you really have no idea.

And if you don’t own a drill/driver combo set you need to take the soonest opportunity to get one. You really will be impressed by how well the driver does its job. It is a beautiful example of how well a single purpose tool can do a job that you thought was being handled exceedingly well by the multipurpose tool it is replacing. That a tool that is light as a feather could drive a six inch screw with virtually no torque kickback and apparently effortlessly comes as one of those “where has this tool been all my life” revelations.

This thing is number one on my gift list for anyone who is into tools. It is one tool that any tool guy can appreciate and get good service out of. Guaranteed to make the receiver happy, I know, because my son loved his the same way I love mine.


Get a Jobsite Saw

If you have a shop and haven’t yet invested in a table saw, or if you have an old beater saw laying around, you must be thinking about what saw you want to buy.

You’re probably thinking about what saw to buy A Lot.

Here’s another thing to ad to your list when you are thinking about buying that new shop saw – portability.

dream-woodshopIf you ever have occasion to work on projects outside of your shop, and if you are hinds around a piece of wood there is no doubt that you have plenty of occasion to put those skills to work, either free or paid. Then you should keep in mind that having a table saw on site is often an incredibly handy addition to your abilities.

If you are good with a skillsaw, there is probably a lot you can accomplish with it, but it is still true that even your best efforts won’t come close to the accuracy and quality of work that you can do with a compact portable table saw.

Add into the equation that many of the best of the portable saws rival the quality of work that their permanently mounted versions can do, and the decision of which saw to buy become infinitely harder.

If you have had your sites set for years on having a delta or powematic cabinet saw  be the centerpiece of your home work shop dreams, giving up that dream can be a hard choice.

But, face it, if you haven’t gotten that shop set up yet, what are the chances that it’s going to come to life in the near future? And wouldn’t it be best to have a quality saw that you can actually afford, that can be put away when you need space, and that can do a darn good job for you at home and away be be preferable to waiting until you can have the perfect saw?

And remember, when your ship comes far enough in that you can finally afford to set up that
, you’ll have enough money to buy the unisaw anyway. And then you will have a dedicated saw that you can use purely to be a hero with your friends and family.

Gotta love them nailers

There was a time not oh so many years ago when doing all your trim work with a hammer and a drill was de rigeur. Or whatever. It was just what you did.

Back in the day there was no such thing as affordable air tools. You either nailed the stuff by hand or you didn’t have any trim. But if you ever tried to do a trim job that way after you have used air nailers before, you will quickly find room int he budget for some.

Or you will quickly figure out which of your friends has them and ask nicely “pretty please with sugar on top” if they will just let you borrow them for a bit.

And not only are air trim nailers the best thing since the best thing since sliced bread, air nailerbut there are four different ones that you want to own if you truly want to pretend to be an expert in trim work.

You need a sixteen gage nailer for the big stuff. A pneumatic brad nail gun for the smaller boards and the inside angle on casing. A pin nailer for the really small stuff (use this with a lot of glue if you want results that last.) And a narrow crown stapler for plywood backs and other stuff where you really want stuff to hold but looks aren’t so much an issue.

Staples hold on incredibly well, more than you would think just off the top of your head. If you want to reuse a piece they are in you would be well advised to get yourself a staple puller. Or go and get yourself another piece of plywood.

Any old way, I tried it once. Nailing trim by hand. For some reason I remembered it being not a great problem. So I thought I would save the money and trim a house by hand.

Let me tell you, for what the tools cost they are a true value. And that was even before you could buy trim nail and compressor packages for a song.

By the way, those packages are an incredible value for the part-timer. In fact they contain the same guns I use professionally. It seems that when they come out with a new line of nailers they create a package with the last gen guns. Trust me, those are just fine for you. They work fine for me.

There Ya Go

There ya go thinking again.

Look. You got opinions. That’s a good thing. Lots of people don’t. They don’t have opinions. They don’t know what they thing about anything. How do they even get up and put their pants on in the morning? I mean, ya gotta have an opinion about breakfast cereal don’t you? Or whether you want bacon with your eggs? Or how you want your eggs cooked?

I don’t know, maybe its the way I was brought up. If you didn’t think you had an opinion, somebody would keep at you until you got one. “What do you think about them Russkies? How can you not, they’re going to bomb us into the stone age. You want to live in the stone age?”

Well of course I don’t want to live in the stone age. I mean, who would? I don’t hunt and the first time I cooked a mushroom I picked myself I would die. But that doesn’t mean I think the Russkies are gonna be the ones to do us in either. They probably don’t know mushrooms either. You know who I think might do us in?  Bill Gates.  Or those two guys who run Google. They might. Probably not on purpose though. It’s just that they’ll make Sky Net, and we all know how that turns out.

Anyway none of that has anything to do with anything. It’s just the way I feel about having wishy-washy no-opinions. You got ’em, let people know what they are. If you’re worried you won’t have friends if you speak up I think you don’t really have friends if you don’t. How can you really be friends with people who don’t know how you think?  They don’t even know you and then you  gotta worry that one day they’ll find out that you like Ford trucks and Volvos, and then they’re gone.

You want a guy that will come and work on your truck with you, not spend time telling you why some sucky Dodge short box is the best damn 4 wheel drive ever to hit the road (sorry, that was my  buddy last night, and he does help me work on my trucks, he just don’t know shit about what makes a good truck.)

Bacon_and_eggs So if you think that twin wall sound proofing is a stupid idea tell someone or else they might want you to build one some day. If you ain’t never gonna own a battery drill that’s okay too. Kinda. Those things are awesome.

Anyway, don’t save it ’til you grab a beer, because then you’ll say stuff in a way that will piss somebody off for no reason. Say it with coffee at breakfast. With over easy eggs and bacon.

Firstest Bestest Post

This won’t be a long post. It is really just to get my feet wet. And that is why it will be the best one.

It won’t be long before I start to express my opinion about which pastime is best, which tool is best. Just generally which way of living is best. (If you haven’t cottoned on yet – it’s mine.)

At that point you will either agree with me and come back to read more, or you will decide that I am an out and out crazy case and block anything that even looks like this site.

And that’s fine. I think that my way of thinking is right. And so do you. And we are both right. But agreeing that we both have the right to think the way we want to is different from subjecting ourselves to those wrong headed thoughts.

There is only so much time in a day, or in a life. Spending them getting a bit of an education about other points of view is a good thing. Spending much time with them once you have that education is not necessary after that.

So if you want to get a bit of an eduction about what tools to have in your arsenal, or how to diagnose a bad alternator or bent rotor, stop on by.

If you have no interest whatsoever in anything of the sort, Pinterest beckons.

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